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24 September 2008 @ 09:28 pm

stand in the rain
chapter one - unravel
bones fanfiction. multi-chap, brennan and booth.
“This person could be alive, Booth. And if so, I could be saving their life. Move back.” She orders, all business as she yanks the rest of the charred body out of the wreckage. And as she provides a cursory examination, he notices a strange parallel between his partner, and the body infront of them.

A/N: I have NO CLUE at all where this story is going. I've got a few little ideas in my head, but honestly... I want to make the storyline something different and interesting, so I've got to think where I'm going to go from and that might take a while. Plus, I'm going to the beach in two days and won't be back for a week and a half. Updates might be a little rare for the next month.

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